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About the author: JJ Bennet

JJ Bennet's spiritual home has always been the mountains on the family farm in the Freestate. They have witnessed so much and have many stories to tell. Perhaps it was her fascination with this that sparked her own interest in storytelling. And in people: some of them real, others created.


About the book: Obsidian


 Author JJ Bennet Obsidian Cover


Milo crept forward very slowly, keeping in the cover of the low bushes...He was targeting the one above him. He would go after him and then try to draw the others out.

When a small herd of horses is stolen from The Settlement, the people stand to lose all their trading power: in this world that has all but been destroyed by a series of natural disasters, the horse is the most valuable commodity. Ellie Masters leads the chase to reclaim the stolen horses, but danger follows on her heels.

Milo Antiarch, the determined and feared Commander of the Custodians, leads a small force intent on capturing Ellie and her horses; but Milo holds a secret: his prize goes beyond even Ellie and the herd she seeks so fiercely to protect.

Pursuing a shadow and unaware of the danger following her, circumstances lead Ellie to continue with her quest, unaware of the tragedy that takes place in her wake...


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