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Author Tantaswa Cici


About the author: Tantaswa Cici

Tantaswa Cici is a first-born daughter from the family of two siblings and blessed with a son, Kwakheke. She is a rural girl who grew up with extremely low self esteem due to body shaming, bullyism, and sexual abuse. In her mid twenties she experienced tragic loss when she miscarried 4 babies with 24 months. As part of healing, she wrote her first book titled: My tears are champagne, where she found her individuality and her soul purpose. In helping others to transform their tears to champagne she is registering for certification as a Life Coach and intended to register as a Psychologist as well.


About the book: My Tears are Champagne: Finding my individuality

Author Tantaswa Cici Tears are Champagne

This book is intended to transform your tears to champagne. The author understands that tears are bitter and salty, but with a change of attitude and positive outlook on life one can change the bitter tears to champagne.

In this book, I explore how finding your individuality can change your life from negative to positive and how you can stop depending on circumstances or other people to determine who you are or validate how you should look and what you should do about your life.


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