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Author  Samantha Taylor


About the author: Samantha Taylor

Samantha Taylor grew up in a small rural community in the beautiful island of Jamaica. She attended the University of the West Indies, Mona where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. At 22, she immigrated to the United States – to New York City. Experiencing life in a new country, and growing as a person, challenged Samantha. These challenges allowed her to build her skills and speak publicly about Domestic Violence, motivating others who may have similar struggles and triumphs. Inspired by personal experience, Victim to Victor: Breaking Free from Intimate Partner Violence into a life of Healing, Joy, and Strength, is her debut book.


About the book: Victim to Victor: Breaking Free from Intimate Partner Violence into a life of Healing, Joy & Strength 

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Breaking Free!

Are you currently caught in the cycle of abuse and its effects; wishing to break free?

Are you looking for deeper insight into the psyche of a victim?

Are you a friend or family of a victim of abuse?

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), formerly known as Domestic Violence (DV) is an epidemic that affects people from all walks of life, and it tends to leave the victim feeling lonely, hopeless, and defeated. Country, religion, laws, money, culture, personalities, family, friends, and a plethora of other factors act as either a barrier or useful resource in the combat against IPV.

In this intimate review of the seasons of her life, the author, a Jamaican woman who migrated to the United States of America, speaks about her experience with IPV and how she found her strength in the adversity of being abused by a police officer.

In Victim to Victor: Breaking Free from Intimate Partner Violence into a life of Healing, Joy & Strength. You will find:

  • Myths and truths
  • Red flags, signs of abuse and types of abuse
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Barriers to exiting IPV
  • Strategies to break and stay free

Victim to Victor equips readers with strategies to defeat barriers to exiting IPV.

Victim to Victor equips victims with the tools needed to live a life of healing, joy and strength.

Victim to Victor teaches readers how to find their strength in the adversity of being abused.

Don't wait.

Read this book and unlock the benefits of living a victorious life today! Even if you have not been affected by abuse directly or indirectly.

Incidents are not detailed so as to prevent readers from being triggered and or re-traumatized. The tone of the book is healing from hurt, not reliving hurt. 


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