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Author Miguel Mitras


About the author: Miguel Mitras

Miguel Mitras is a Telecoms Consultant who travels frequently around Africa. He’s written a plethora of technical documents in his career, none with any drama. He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Once upon a time he drove big ass trucks. He wants to get a dishwasher, please contribute by purchasing his book.


About the book: Mozambique Hell Run: Trucking Tales of the War


Miguel Mitras - Mozambique Hell Run: Trucking Tales of the War


 An unforgettable memoir about driving through Africa’s most treacherous roads during the Mozambican civil war. They called it the ‘Hell Run’. 

Miguel Mitras weaves a story of friendships, human vulnerability and navigating through emotions that come at you. In this candid account of trucking through Mozambique in 1991, you might even find a little laugh bubbling out as you read of the shenanigans of the author and his friends. He relives harrowing tales of running the gauntlet through the bandit-infested countryside with humor and vivid imagery.

It’s a compelling read that offers new insights into the conflict, including the chaotic Portuguese departure from Africa in 1974-75. A brutal yet complex civil war followed, where danger lurked everywhere. Especially on the transport corridors which became a battleground.



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