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Author Jennifer Euston Brown


About the author: Jennifer Euston-Brown

I lived at Tokai (in Cape Town)as a child and went to Springfield Convent in Wynberg. I took ballet, drama, violin and piano lessons, I was 7 years old at my first eisteddfod and couldn't even reach the pedals of the piano.

When I was 10yrs old my father bought a farm in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch and so I attended school at Rhenish. Every year at the eisteddfod I walked away with first prizes for the piano, and continued with ballet and acted in school plays.

After I finished school I worked at Atlantic in Cape Town as a shorthand typist until I got married in 1958; then lived in Malmesbury for a few years where my first two children were born, I also worked at the winery for a while.

My next two children were born in Stellenbosch. Whilst in Bellville I worked as a shorthand typist for a lawyer for a year, also sold tupperware and had house parties for cosmetics.

Later moved to Somerset West and did market research, when I did it in the country, I used to put the trailer on my mini so that I could bring back lucerne that I bought from the farmers for our horse. I made and sold mosaic designs of mermaids and fish to cast into swimming pool floors.

I then became an estate agent and did it for 28 years, Peter joined me and we opened our own company.

In 1998 we moved to Barrydale where we continued with estate agency selling houses and farms. After that I went to the UK to do caring work, I approached various companies for work and through my perseverance found work. Each year I went to UK for 3/4 months and did the caring work for 14 years.


About the book: Fun and Endurance: A personal memoir of my adventurous years caring for the aged


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It was 12th night in the year 2002, and as tradition decreed, Peter leaned across to take down the first Christmas decoration.

Without warning, the aluminium ladder twisted, and he fell to the floor, with ankles caught, landing on the base of his spine. Result: crushed lumbar vertebra, and three months in a hard brace, immobile.

Caring for the aged is a fun and lucrative way to see and enjoy new places.


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