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Sanele Lennox Nkompela


About the author: Sanele Lennox Nkompela

Sanele Lennox Nkompela is an author of literary fiction or proletariat literature, self-published with one book under his belt, 'The Outward-Bound". Born and bred of factory workers at Butterworth in the Eastern Cape Province but considers Cala, his parents' home town his home. He is a social activist who works as a clerk in the City of Cape Town and Editor-In-Chief of OMGIICS, an online news and opinion magazine.


About the book: Sick Leave: A Novel


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The story follows the protagonist in the process of encountering illness by dividing it into three stages; recognition, tension and transformation. These form sequential sections of the book.

The book dismantles metaphysical perceptions about TB heredity. It deals with economic bases of which health and diseases are a concentrated reflection. This book was written specifically to inform the concerned working class public, rather than experts. The goal of book is to help the reader gain a deeper insight into the forces that propel the Republic of South Africa into it’s current situation. With regards to the transformation stage among the sequential sections of the book, there is a therapeutic dimension regarding treatment.

This dimension makes the book a therapeutic (healing) story, a pedagogical strategy which is used as an indirect tool for regulation of behaviour. As medicine is used to help restore wholeness or balance to out-of-balance physical conditions, the protagonist goes in search literary healing and devours Emily K. Abel’s novel. By identifying with the main character (universalization), the protagonist draws on the original psycho-dynamically oriented models of how bibliotherapy works to experience emotional catharsis as the story characters express themselves (abreaction), and then to gain some insight into themselves and their situations (integration), and is empowered as obstacles are overcome and a resolution achieved.

The battle of overcoming a sweet tooth is enthralling. The book also deals with international comparisons regarding approaches to health care. It takes a close look at the history of the TB epidemic, and its social context now.


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