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Author Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana


About the author: Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana

Born in Polokwane, South Africa, Makhado Freedom Sinthumule Ramabulana, grew up in a Christian family where both his parents are ordained pastors from the Apostolic Faith Mission Church. He grew up in a family of three children. He was raised by Christian values and principles. Makhado became a Christian during his teenage years, later attending the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa Theological Institute where he received his qualification in Theology; he was also ordained as a bona fide pastor. Makhado is married and is blessed with three children. He became an occult member and was given a title of ‘General’ by the occult society for a long time while he led an Independent and Charismatic Christian Church as a prophet and pastor in South Africa. He travelled several African countries in search of the occult spiritual powers to boost his ministry. He joined several occult societies for the purpose of performing miracles, to prophesy, heal and to have a fast-growing church. He was however later delivered from occultism through the grace of God. After he had been delivered from occultism, he went back to serve as a pastor under the Apostolic Faith Mission Church, Thaba Tshwane, and he has since been travelling all over the country sharing his testimony and teaching people about the deceptive tricks and secret powers that are being practised in the church of God.

Makhado Freedom Sinthumule Ramabulana is currently a Senior and Presiding Pastor of The Apostolic Faith Mission of SA – Life Overflowing Assembly, located in Sebokeng Zone 10 (Vaal). His focus is more on winning souls back to Jesus Christ and spreading the message of restoration and repentance.


About  the book: Church Mafia: Captured by Secret Powers : An Untold African Narrative 

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The Church Mafia is a thought-provoking and tell-all book inspired by the life of Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana, who took a courageous step to reveal how God saved him from secret and occult societies. He explores themes of his life in the ministry, commercialisation of the gospel, lessons learnt from countries he travelled to in an effort to gain powers, and detail of the occult operation.

After years of struggling to accomplish his mission of pastoring a mega church and impacting the world, he became frustrated, strayed from his true calling and fell into the trap of exploring secret powers hidden in the church today. He operated as General Khatha-Khatha within a counterfeit spiritual movement that operates under the banner of prophecy and instant miracles. This movement operates using secret powers to attract huge crowds, charges consultation fees, and promises people miracle money; leaders of this movement also perform false prophecies and staged miracles.

After reading the Church Mafia, you will begin to understand that most operations in churches today are influenced by secret societies. This book will enable you to be enlightened and never to be fooled by any false doctrine practised in the church today. The main aim of the book is to make the Body of Christ at large aware of the secret operation that has captured so many churches today.

It is hoped that after reading this book, your life will be enriched.


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