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Patricia Crain

Patricia Crain is a South African author who began publishing her work later in life. A printer by trade, she has spent her working life in the printing and publishing industries. A closet academic, her first published works were non-fictional accounts of events that took place in South Africa well over a century ago.  Through a referral, she first worked on editing and over-writing an autobiography, discovering that she had a knack for helping others write their stories. Patricia is active in the printing and publishing industries, writes continuously and is passionate about helping others grow and thrive.


Victor Rebelo

Born and raised in Lisbon until he emigrated with his family to South Africa at the age of twelve, Victor Rebelo is the epitome of the self-made man. At times surviving, and others thriving, Money-Making Machine was the result of Victor’s drive to inspire others in their own endeavours to make their way in this world. A man of apparent contradictions, Victor has experienced failure and success, traumatic loss and has faced death (more than once). With extensive business experience ranging from corporate positions in the engineering world to owning and managing a popular inner-city restaurant, Victor has built his own real-world Money-Making Machine. As a speaker, thought leader and mentor, Victor is passionate about helping others thrive in a rapidly changing world.


About the book: Money-Making Machine (English & Portuguese versions available.)


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Ever wondered how successful people managed to get where they are? Are they super-beings, with powers different to your own?

Victor Rebelo says not, because his story is of a poor boy from Portugal making his way in a new country. It is about facing death, of facing up to life’s circumstances, never giving up in the pursuit of his goals. It also about how Victor developed his formula for success, and how to live a full life.

Here, you might find encouragement, guidance or even inspiration. See how Victor built his Money-Making Machine, and perhaps you can design your own.


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