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Author Imaan Suliman


About the author: Imaan Suliman

My name is Imaan Suliman, and I am a thirteen-year-old poet from South Africa. My poetry started out as a means of therapy for me after my dad passed away in 2016. He was sadly shot and killed during an attempted house burglary. He sacrificed his life to save his family.

I’m glad to say my poetry has helped to heal me greatly. As a result of this, I published my poetry book, The Fire Inside Me and other poems. I am currently working on my second book, A Warrior’s Heart. It displays the struggles we all go through in life, and that we have to get up again and carry on fighting. It encourages self-love, courage, strength, fearlessness and individuality.

I hope that my poetry can help and heal other people going through similar conditions.


About the book: The Fire Inside Me: And Other Poems

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The Fire Inside Me and other poems is an anthology of poems about the emotions I experienced during the tough period after my dad passed away. It's a collection of my feelings and emotions, and describes the ups and downs we all go through in those difficult times. It goes deeper into the pain and difficulties that many face, and tries to showcase the connection we all share when it comes to the challenges in life. By writing these poems, it helped me to understand my feelings better and to find myself, and discover who I really am in a time when I thought all was lost.

I aim to help others who have went through similar things to heal their internal scars and to find peace and love again too. I want them to feel what I felt after I had written these poems, complete and serene, and no longer raw and numb.

This book is a journey on its own, a form of therapy. It should encourage acceptance and strength, and that all hope is never lost. That little ball of guiding light is always within your soul, you just need to bring it out. I hope that this book is a means of healing and courage for you too, and that it endlessly inspires you to take on what you are faced with, because you are never alone!


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