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Author Ntsiki Mkhize


About the author: Ntsiki Mkhize

Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, MC, Facilitator and Change Agent Miss South Africa 2nd Princess 2015

Ntsiki is passionate about working with individuals and teams to inspire, connect and empower them to discover their purpose, and implement practical methods for personal and business success.

Chief Purpose Officer @ Resilient Energy Center
Ntsiki facilitates corporate training sessions focusing on empowering teams with tools for energy management. She delivers talks on Mindful Nutrition and the FAB Quotient.

Ambassador @ Johannesburg Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship
Ntsiki supports UJCfE in creating content as well as coordinating key events with the Dr Richard Maponya Institute. She is a guest lecturer on aspects of social media and social marketing for the Advanced Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation programme. She also helped the centre in piloting the Common Good First project with Glasgow Caledonian University.

Social Entrepreneur @ eKasi Entrepreneurs & Clothes to Good
Ntsiki serves as a Non-Executive Director for eKasi an organisation focused on creating networks, developing infrastructure and content to support township entrepreneurs. She was National Programme Manager at Clothes to Good, which recycles clothes to raise funds for social outreach.

Presenter and Content Producer @ Career Connect on Business Day TV Basic* on
Career Connect is a weekend show focused on providing students and graduates with information they need relating to the corporate world.
Basic* is an online show aimed at guiding entrepreneurs on their start-up journey.

Mentor @ Phakama Women’s Academy and Hadithi Wethu
PWA was founded by VWV to mentor young ladies studying in the fields of branding, marketing and communications. HW focuses on inspiring youth to read books by African authors or with African characters.

Ntsiki is a speaker and MC under Unique Speaker Bureau. The author of My Hall of Mentors: Lessons Learned Along a Journey of Success and blog Living on Purpose.

She holds a B.Com Marketing Management and B.Com Honours Logistics Management from the University of Johannesburg. She is currently in her final year of study in Ministry at Christian Family Church Bible College.


About the book: My Hall of Mentors: Lessons learned along a journey of success

3DCover NtsikiMkhize


Success is a journey we're all on and it looks different from moment to moment for each of us. The best way to learn, grow and succeed is to look at those who've gone before us and ask those who currently find themselves where we want to be. Then apply their lessons to our lives. After all, the best way to fail forward, is to not fail in the same places others have.

A great way to learn from others is through mentorship. Not everyone has the chance to sit down one-on-one with CEO's, self-made millionaires or guru's who've taken on social issues, but eavesdropping on a conversation with one of them does just as well.

In My Hall of Mentors, Ntsiki Mkhize offers just that. Sitting with mentors from the lecture halls to executive board rooms, she brings us close to sound advise from some of her mentors over a period of seven years. "While most people were partying throughout varsity, I started a business and found mentors to help me achieve my goals. The path wasn't clear at first, but it was better defined as I went, with each conversation I had with each mentor". Not all business, the lessons learned tie into personal life, character and perspective as they unfold and connect the dots through the eyes of a successful young woman from South Africa, learning to take on life one goal at a time.


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