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About the author: Dennis Mkhulisi

Dennis Mkhulisi is a semi-retired South African born medical practitioner and entrepreneur. He has been blessed to travel extensively outside the South African borders. He also has a passion for nature photography.

About the book: Travelling across South African borders: An Essential Guide



Your #1 Resource for Travelling Across the African Continent

If you're planning to travel into Africa, this meticulously prepared guide by Dennis J Mkhulisi will be your best possible companion.

The African continent is unique, not only for its rich and diverse cultures, but also for the ways in which things are done. It's a whole new world for the international traveler. 

While technology (and broadband connections!) are fast evolving in this part of the world, it is always helpful to have backup access to essential information while travelling. Travelling Across South African Borders: An Essential Guide provides all the information you may need while visiting the sunny continent - and particularly Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe - for business or pleasure. 

In Travelling Across South African Borders: An Essential Guide, you will find:

  • GPS coordinates for critical locations,
  • Contact details and locations of emergency services, evacuation facilities and toll gates,
  • Import and export information,
  • and much, much more.

Having this helpful guide handy while you travel will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your business or leisure travels. 

Grab your copy of Travelling Across South African Borders: An Essential Guide now!


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