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Author Edwin Ismail


About the author: Edwin Ismail

Edwin R Ismail, a Writer, Entrepreneur, Globetrotter, Minimalist, and Visionary. After surviving a near-death experience in July 2015 his writing began taking shape and also went on to complete a course in Short Story writing at City University, London. Edwin enjoys reading anything and everything, writing whatever comes to mind, partaking in extreme sports, traveling to weird and wonderful destinations and doing random crazy things to awaken his creativity.


About the book: Turning Point

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An anthology based on 4 powerful short stories written by an inspirational author.

The Untouchables: An action-packed short story about 3 intelligent high school kids getting involved with the mob and performing illegal acts.

The Untouchables 2: This action-packed story is a continuation from part 1, whereby these 3 intelligent boys get involved in bigger and riskier deals with the intentions of taking over the drug scene in New York.

The Price of Love: A thriller about a couple, expecting their first child, Winston is thrown into a whirlpool of questions when he discovers a letter meant for him after Denise dies.

Dead man tells no tales: An action-packed story, not for the faint-hearted. An ex-gang leader on death row at one of the United States most dangerous prisons, San Quentin. Montana suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and every so often thinks about the life he has lived, the people he had killed and what had led him to be where he was. Please be warned that this story contains many brutal scenes and offensive language that may affect sensitive readers.

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