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Author Alexander Johnson


About the author: Alexander Johnson

 Alexander Johnson was born in Namibia in 1967, where he grew up as a proud African. His parents had come to Africa from Europe in the 1960s in search of greater fortunes. Alexander earned a degree in Engineering in South Africa, where he has lived for the last 25 years. He is the co-owner of a consulting company, advising clients on project set-up, implementation and management.

Alexander has always been fascinated by history and different cultures. He enjoys traveling with his family to the far-flung corners of the world to meet people and explore their traditions. Alexander has always had a tendency for observing and analyzing his environment.

While working for a Chinese organization in Africa, he became so intrigued by the cultural differences between China and the West that it compelled him to document the interactive behaviors between these two far-flung cultures, which ultimately culminated in his first published book.




Author Alexander Johnson

They Myth of the Tiger: Insights into the psyche of the hungry beast

In The Myth of the Tiger, Alexander Johnson insightfully documents the interactive behaviors between China and the West.

He first became intrigued about the cultural differences that drive interactive behaviors while working for a Chinese organization in Africa. Here, Alexander observed Chinese work psyche in action and that's what inspired him to research the behaviours in order to slowly untangle the intricate web, which is Chinese culture.

This book is a must for anyone who:

  • is interested in Chinese culture as a whole
  • works with Chinese people
  • is looking to move to China

The book is skillfully built around the author's personal experiences in working for a Chinese company. Each compassionately retold experience includes an explanation to better to help Western readers understand the Chinese psyche and the seemingly strange behavior of a nation that is taking the world by storm.

"As these two very opposite cultures are slowly getting to know each other, I have no doubt that over the next decade or two, interactions will become easier, and business cultures can be better integrated, which will ultimately lead to more constructive work output, teamwork, and greater success in the workplace and in closing better global business deals." - Alexander Johnson

As the Chinese nation spreads rapidly across the world, it is in every business person's interests to learn more about the ancient cultures behind Chinese behavior and work ethic.


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