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Author Molope Mathete


About the author: Molope Mathete

Molope Mathete is a South Africa's most celebrated author who was born in 1976;he reigns among authors of his generation. His writing career has earned him seven literary awards, and among them was the prestigious M-NET Book prize he won in 2009. Throughout his career that spanned for more than two decades, the author has published a total of 13 literary titles, including the Detective novels. His books are being read in South African's schools as part of the school curriculum.


About the book: Africa's Hardship

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Africa's Hardship is an exciting Novel about the struggle that Africa is facing today in dealing with many social ills. The Author, having over twenty years of writing experience and over 15 literary titles and an amazing list of literary awards under his belt, including the prestigious M-NET Book prize, he takes his readers through the anguish brought about by one of the challenges of our time, household headed families in Africa and in other parts of the WORLD.

In this book, the reader will experience the emotional pain, triumph and the unpleasant experience of the hidden challenges facing Africa today, the households headed by young girls and boys who have been robbed of their youths and who had no choice but to surrender their youthful age to take up the parental responsibilities. Their challenges takes the reader through emotional pain.


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