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Author Quentin McCullough


About the author: Quentin McCullough

I began my accounting career as an articled clerk in a small firm of Chartered Accountants based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This provided me with a solid foundation for learning a set of business values which guided me throughout my life. This firm was successfully founded on the basis of a verbal agreement. The partners set and demanded very high standards of work, and they led from the front. They made it clear to all their young articled clerks that they could not afford to make mistakes and had a duty to protect the firm’s reputation. Amongst other things, this meant that the staff had to be honest, especially when it came to their most hated duty, which was filling out time sheets. Integrity within the firm was non-negotiable.

I left the auditing profession and moved into commerce. I chose to work for the corporations which I believed shared my acquired value-set, and I chose well. I believe that I added value to the corporations I worked for, but more importantly, I knew that they added value to my career. Along the way, I acquired knowledge and experience, and I eventually decided that it was time for me to change direction again and do things for myself. I decided to start my own business and that is where I started learning all over again. I wanted to advise young entrepreneurs on how to successfully start and manage their own businesses whilst in the process of starting my own business.


About the book: Getting to value: Creating your asset of value

3D Cover Quentin GettingToValue

 Taking your business from concept to an asset of value

In ‘getting to value’, author Quentin G McCullough does not provide a magic get-rich-quick formula, because businesses are not built on magic, but on following a value driven formula instead. And that's exactly what the author provides in this insightful work.

He breaks the business journey into seven steps, based on his own experience of over 30-years as a professional manager and that of the many businesses he has encountered during this time and illustrates the importance of systematic planning. He then skillfully guides you through that phase and provides the fundamental steps and tools you need to succeed at every level.

This book is the ideal companion for you if you:

  • wish to start your own business
  • want to turn your existing business into something more


Value Add Tools

In addition to the valuable eBook, the author included a series of interactive Microsoft Excel files, to which you will receive access when you purchase a copy of this book.

Are you ready to start a business or to take your existing project to the next level? Receive expert guidance from someone who has real-life experience and skill. Buy your copy of getting to value by Quentin G McCullough today!


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