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About Vinlab

Vinlab is an ISO17025 and B-BBEE accredited, independent wine laboratory in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Vinlab is focused on delivering accurate, timely and user-friendly results.

We started in 2001 with the goal of delivering fast and accurate results and developing very good relationships with our clients, and this is still the main focus today Our knowledge of our product, wine, has always been a main priority and we have focused on adding value by giving more than just numbers.

We keep up to date with all advancements in the wine and wine laboratory industries by exposing ourselves to local and international developments at conferences and seminars, and by liaising with international and local experts. Our comprehensive list of analyses continues to grow with new developments, requirements and needs in the industry. Our Vinlab team members are passionate, efficient, highly qualified, and have a high level of knowledge about wine and winemaking.


About the book: Vinlab: Winemaker's Manual

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Written as a tool to demystify the science behind making good wine, the Manual is a practical guide for winemakers, students, and anyone wanting to understand more about the science of wine. The book takes the reader through the full winemaking process, from grapes to bottle, in an in-depth, easy-to-understand format.

Published in response to actual queries and problems from winemaking clients, it contains loads of essential information and helpful guidelines that enable the winemaker to use a knowledge of chemistry and microbiology to make better wine.

The book includes comprehensive information on wine flaws and faults, wine aroma, common export regulations and even waste water management. The Vinlab Manual is an essential addition to any winemakers library.



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