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Author Ahmad Abuljobain


About the author: Ahmad Abuljobain

A Jobain has written fiction and nonfiction for over several decades with articles appearing in academic and business publications like Campaign, Communicate!, MarketingSherpa, Arabian Business and AMEInfo. His views on advertising in Arabia are included in Wally Snyder's Ethics in Advertising: Making the Case for Doing the Right Thing; and he authored Control: A Children’s Guide to Money, Power & Sex as well as An Anthology of Boems & Ferses. He has worked on 3 continents over the past thirty years, first employed by a horse stable, a gaming arcade, a video cassette rental shop (yes, he’s that old) and several nightclubs; and, once adequately educated, by global ad agencies and real estate developers before succumbing to fatherhood. Since marrying his muse, he's tried to raise 4 @#$%^&!* gentlemen, which has made managing companies feel like a cakewalk.

A Jobain’s ebooks are available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

About the book: Control: A Children's Guide to Money, Power & Sex

3D Cover Control AJobain

This guide gives dozens of short, to-the-point suggestions on how growing teens can ultimately be comfortable in their own skins well into adulthood. It's a useful reference on self-control, being managed and directing others; and for anyone who grapples with:

  • Does my child have the skills it takes to make it on their own?
  • How should my kids deal with an increasingly difficult world?
  • Am I being a role model or modelling roles?
  • What kind of family adviser am I?


Full disclosure: The author is no psychologist, therapist or certified coach; but he's successfully led teams, guided staff and earned praise for his management style from more peers than have criticized it; and the companies and departments he's run have consistently shown improvements in results and revenues.



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