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Author Valerie Glasser


About the author: Val Glasser

Hi my name is Val Glasser and I have been jotting down stories for very young children for quite a long time. I like my characters to be mostly from the animal kingdom, but they are quite human in their ways.Whenever I baby sat my grandchildren they would always ask for a story I would make up rather than just read well known stories, although they enjoyed those too, however now that the children are grown up they still remember the tales I told them, so I hope that they will bring pleasure to other young people who may read them.

I was born in England but have lived in Africa for many years now, when I was very young my Dad encouraged reading as much as possible, so I grew up loving books and tales and I would like all young people to have the same enjoyment I got from books.


About the book: Ginger May Meets Puss in Boots

3D Cover Val GingerMay

Ginger May can not believe her luck when she is offered an opportunity to meet the dashing Puss in Boots. But first, she has to visit the Keep Fit Gym. After much preparation and a wardrobe update, Ginger May heads over to meet her trainer. It doesn’t take long for her to find out what she has to do to meet her idol, Puss in Boots, if only for a brief moment.

Will Ginger May be able to keep up with her fitness programme and the inevitable tumbles and grumbles? Will she get to enjoy more than just a glimpse of the famous Puss in Boots? This lovely tale is not only entertaining and beautifully illustrated; it also has a wonderful lesson that teaches children than hard work pays off in the end.

Grab your copy of Ginger May Meets Puss In Boots to keep your little one entertained while you get fit.


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