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About Morongwa

With a township and then university education, Morongwa Makakane made and lost millions in the mid-2000s. At first in despair, Makakane soon realised she was stronger than she first thought. She too responsibility, paid back her debt of R1.2 million and is now passionate about following her dream of teaching and inspiring others like her to succeed and achieve their potential. She has a weekly entrepreneurship slot on Radio 2000.


About the Book


When is Enough, Enough?: Ten Things Any Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Start and Run a Successful Business

Self-help takes on a new dimension with entrepreneur and author Morongwa Makakane’s latest offering, Breakthrough to your destiny: How to achieve the success you want, when you want, in the way you want: It all starts with you. If your self-esteem is low, you lack focus and direction, you’re at a crossroads, you’re tormented by you recent mistakes and you feel like you will never achieve however hard you try, then this is the book for you. In this wise step-by-step guide, Makakane proves you really can help yourself, even if you’ve tried and failed!

Set against the backdrop of her own failures – and successes – Makakane introduces you to an infallible and practical method to create your own dreams and stay on track for a happy and fulfilling life. She tells you how to:

  • Refocus
  • Define your dream
  • Establish life’s purpose
  • Set achievable goals
  • Hold yourself accountable be designing your Success Achievement Plan
  • Adopt a can-do attitude
  • Be courageous enough to succeed
  • Motivate yourself even when times seem tough
  • Reach your dreams, however big or small.

Makakane calls you to action by making you responsible for your own journey, and helps you learn to look at yourself and say ‘I am a success’ instead of ‘I am a failure’. This is the book you need to transform your life now in all the areas that count for you!






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