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Author Batsi Lamola


About the author: Batsi Lamola

Batsi Lamola, a young South African writer with a great passion for wildlife, has established and proven herself as an author by successfully publishing her 1st book online. Despite of her age, she is now ready to take another challenge of becoming an internationally published author.

When she isn’t busy being an avid reader, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and being active on social media. She’s an activist in her own right and also a photography junkie 

About the book: Pure Wander: A Suspenseful Young Adult Romance

3D Cover Batsi PureWander v2

Two teenagers from the heart of South Africa, Hunadi and Jay, are separated in their high school years by deceit and betrayal. Jay starts a new life in a new city. Because of her stepdad, she runs away from the only home she knows, leaving her mom behind. She tries to run away from many things. She suffers from depression and defeats.

While on the run, she bumps into someone she thought she would never see again. Together, they make it their mission to clear the dark clouds of confusion and find out the truth from both of their parents. Finding out the answers to their questions gives birth to new questions, which may have deadly consequences.

The journey they take has many twists and turns, all while finding themselves. Will what they discover continue to torture them? Or will it bring them comfort and healing? Can they rekindle their friendship, or will they part ways again?

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