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About the author: Clive Litchfield

I am a Creative Director in advertising, and work for one of the largest, and best agencies in South Africa. Though I must say I am nearing the end of my career now as I am in my fifties and this industry normally gets rid of 'creatives' by the time they are forty five!

I grew up in England, in the Luton area and came to South Africa in '87 for a bit of an adventure, expecting to stay for six months, needless to say I am still here after 30 years. I have started writing many books during the past 20 years, but found that when I followed the 'rules of how to write a book' I got totally bored and just shelved them. As soon as I changed my attitude towards writing and ignored the so called 'rules', it became much easier and my latest book just flowed out over the space of 18 months. I found that I could allow myself to enjoy the process and the story as though I was reading it, as most of the time I didn't know what was going to happen myself!

I live in an old house in a suburb of Johannesburg with my family and menagerie of animals. I ride a Harley at weekends, and will do for a few more years while I shuffle through my midlife crisis and hopefully more books!

About the book: Clear Cut

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A fast moving, graphicaly violent, sexual and sometimes witty story of a deranged serial killer being tracked by a young detective on the streets of a small East Anglian town in England. Multiple twists, near misses and set-ups keep the detective off the track of the deranged killer, who’s hell-bent on saving the souls of his young female victims in a strange and disturbing ritual.


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