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Author Sarah Motsosi

About the author: Sarah Motsosi

Sarah Motsosi is a proud mom of three beautiful kids, a full-time employee and a multi-talented business woman, who lives in the beautiful city of Durban, South Africa. She was born and bred in a small town of Zeerust, situated in the North West Province. This province contains the world’s richest platinum reserves.  She is an accredited Chartered Reward Specialist with over 19 years’ experience in the Human Resources field.

She is a first time author of a true story e-book called Blind Love, which tells the story of the two South African ladies who were caught up in a love triangle with a conman while seeking true love in the dating websites.

Her passion for writing stems from her childhood days, where she loved playing a news reporter by writing articles for her friends. She was an enthusiastic partaker in school activities such as public speaking and debates. Her HR Career also involves a lot of writing, e.g. key organization’s policies, business cases, employee communiques, etc. She won a SARA award for Strategic Communication of rewards in 2016.

About the book: Blind Love

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Based on actual events.

There's nothing worse than sleeping with the enemy, and in this case, Bella would learn that not only was she sleeping with her enemy, but he would also turn out to be the stranger she knew nothing about.

It was a cool starry evening when a call from one of the skeletons in Deji's closet, started the crumbling of what seemed to be the perfect world for Bella and her soul mate. The truth lies on the other side of the line...But will she find out on time or will she be conned by a wolf in sheep's skin? Given all the events that occur in Bella and Helena's lives, one would be gob smacked to know that this is actually a true story.



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