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About the author: Robert A. Opie

Robert. A. Opie. (B.Business Science : University of Cape Town) is the founder of a specialist brand consultancy: The Game Plan, a Brand Strategist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Life Performance Coach to both teams and individuals.

He helps teams and individuals to achieve their greatest potential in life – and in health.

A Corporate Entrepreneur at heart, Rob has worked extensively in the dynamic South African FMCG business environment – for both leading South African companies, and global companies - in both Brand Development and Sales Directorship roles.

Running in his blood as a Professional and Personal Performance Coach is branding and people - and helping both teams and individuals to reach the next level of Performance, Growth and Contribution. One of the parts of his life that he is most proud of, is the non-profit work he does through his cancer resource site at His game–changing, life changing THE GAME PLAN METHODOLOGY is helping people all around the globe – to do life better.

About the books


What every woman should know about BREAST CANCER: The surprisingly simple truth behind how to conquer breast cancer and prevent it

3D Cover Rob Breast Cancer

It takes guts and human ingenuity to conquer one of life’s greatest challenges. In his latest eBook, Rob shares the life - changing strategies and tactics of "Cancer Champions" – those who have conquered cancer. He pays special tribute to "Cancer Champions" like Nelson Mandela, Lance Armstrong, Kylie Minogue, Martina Navratilova – and many less famous who have selflessly shared their esoteric knowledge and collective wisdom to help others to do life better. Yes, cancer can be conquered with the right mindset, the right knowledge, the right support and the right game plan.

This book will share with YOU the insights and inspiration you will need to conquer cancer. It will provide YOU with a step-by-step road map back to health and happiness. Don’t delay. Become a "Cancer Champion" today.

If there is one book you read this year – read this one. And please do share this book with family and friends.


THE GAME CHANGERS: Achieve your own greatest potential in life

3D Cover Rob Game Changers

Do YOU want to achieve your own greatest potential in both your professional and personal life?

In this book , I will be sharing with you eleven of the most powerful “Game-Changers” from inside the game plans of the great champions of business, sport, and life —the strategies and the tactics which they use to master the game of life. “If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best.” It’s the stuff that the great champions know —yet coaches seldom teach. It’s the stuff of Champions; the stuff that you cannot Google; the stuff you will not find on the Internet, and the stuff they do not teach you at Harvard!

My wish is that you’ll find the insight, the innovation, and the inspiration to help you to achieve your own greatest potential in both your professional and personal life through the stories, anecdotes, and analogies that I share in this book. If there is one book you read this year, this is it. It’s crammed full of the esoteric knowledge and collective wisdom of the great champions of business, sport and life. It’s a one-of- kind- opportunity for YOU to set yourself apart. This book will help you to become that 5% Person—a person who masters life.

“The Game Changers presents that everyone can find the key to real achievement in life. It’s an awesome proposal and one that must be investigated by anyone who fears being ordinary. " - John Robbie: Radio and Television personality and host


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