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About Rolf

Rolf Swart was born on 11 April 1974 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Growing up on a small-holding outside town he was always close to nature, loved sports and indulged himself in anything adventurous. His love for writing started at an early age when he tried his hand at poetry, usually directed at the fairer sex. Later on he started writing and composing music and was singer, songwriter and drummer for the Afrikaans rock band ‘Oorkruiper’ who performed at the Kirkwood Wildlife Festival and the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival amongst others. The band also recorded two CD’s.

Today Rolf lives in Nelspruit, South Africa, with the love of his life, Annelie, and their three-year old son Reon. He still loves the outdoors, is a free thinker, and aspires to be a good human being and live a meaningful life above all.


About the Book


Until Death

UNTIL DEATH is a mind-altering story of human nature. Is it a love story? Is it an adventure? Is it a murder mystery? The answer is simple: Yes.

Dave Matthews is a rare kind of romantic. With a wealth of love to give and a burning desire to do so, at twenty-five he is yet to find a suitable recipient. That is until Linda Joubert appears in his life during an eventful long weekend at a remote seaside holiday home. On a stormy morning Dave, Linda and their friends are taken hostage and catapulted into an adventure of life and death, and against all odds - love. Theirs develop into a love of the purest kind, but when a psychopath from Linda’s past makes an unwelcome return, she and Dave are once again faced with adversity. No matter how many obstacles they overcome, the next one is always just around the corner. Despite it all, their love never wavers – until one fateful day, when the unthinkable happens.

At thirty-five, James Smith is probably the most mysterious man in the music industry. A phenomenal talent, on the brink of international stardom, Smith lives a life of solitude in a small cabin in the mountains. The sad, confusing lyrics of this small-town loner, captures the imagination of city-girl Mia Moore. Mia’s quest to unravel the mystery behind the evasive musician is sidetracked when an employee at her dad’s multi-billion dollar cosmetics company is found murdered: his eyes pegged open and a white rabbit left in his lap. When a second employee suffers the same fate, it becomes evident that Mia’s life might also be in danger. In a strange turn of events, Mia finds an unlikely ally in the troubled James Smith, but can she help him overcome the devastation of his past, and can he save her from becoming another victim of the infamous Rabbit Killer?

In a bitter-sweet ending, when the stories of Dave Matthews and James Smith come together in a mind-blowing revelation, the reader will be left, among others, with the simple question: What are we really? While UNTIL DEATH covers serious topics, it is fast-paced, written simply and will have you crying, laughing, or biting your nails throughout. The story ultimately delivers a powerful message of hope that will touch the hearts of anything human, of any age.






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