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Author Sipho Lebese


About the author - Sipho Lebese

 My name is Sipho Lebese, I'm 33 years old and a father of 3 from Alexandra township in South Africa. I consider myself a Imagineer that loves writing stories like my first book "Who am I" which is a half autobiography and half historical fiction. My hobbies include painting and photography.


About the book - Who am I: Amun Ra

 3D Cover Sipho

"Who Am I?" is a journey of a young boy's life through time. A sacred path that connects past, present and future to answer the age-old question that has plagued Mankind.

The boy tries to navigate the world after losing his father, his thrown into a scenario where he finds himself running away from his past fearing for his life. 

Unbeknownst to him, the ancient past has been looking for him since birth. He is lead on a journey that unveils sacred knowledge, biblical mysteries and ancient prophecies to reveal glimpses of who he is. Guided through these worlds and led to a sacred stone circle. Where he discovers life's hidden secrets withheld from Humankind. Knowledge that reveals a historical- future into the eternal life. 


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