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 Author Nicholas Jakari


About the author: Nicholas Jakari 

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Nicholas Jakari… formerly Williamson, is an Anglo Afrikan poet, who lives in the Afrikan Union with his wife and occasional visiting children, plus an intermittently - changing pack of hounds.

In the year of the Revolution, 1994, ironically on the 11th of September, in the most southern part of Afrika, he survived a full-on close quarter gunfight with a gang of radicals-turned-criminals; a gunfight in which his assailants fired seventeen bullets at him at point blank range and hit him four times. He fired thirteen back at them, also at point blank range, and hit them nine times. He battled and achieved a Pyrrhic victory. The Buffalo Hunters was written as an exorcism of that event.

The Buffalo Hunters ©, first published in paperback in 1996, is now Part One of the Azanian Quartet. Part 3: The futuristic Jonker Memorandum © has been available as an 84-episode podcast cyber-serial since 2010 on the author’s website: Part 2 Was first registered with the US library of Congress in 1998 and will be published on Amazon in 2019. Part 4 is currently under konstruktion.

Nicholas Jakari is a person who introduced economic thought into the lives of many people, in many parts of Afrika, over many decades. He is an economics graduate, an educationist and former businessperson who no longer practices those arcane arts, preferring instead the greater truth in fiction.

The novel 7Ways predates the Revolution and is more strictly, once you have read the Buffalo Hunters, a crime prevention novel. So having said that and now you've reached this point go back and spend the most useful few bucks you will ever spend... buy both books now.


About the book:7Ways to Get Your Money: Without resorting to violence or the law

3D Cover Nicholas Jakari


The intimate art of kolekting outstanding payments from elusive customers.

There are at least 7 effective ways to get the money someone owes you, without using the law, or breaking someone’s leg—and they nearly always work.

This ‘read anywhere’ eBook sets out the story of one person’s quest to discover how to get as many people as possible to pay what they owed for activity hired to be done.

His story is presented here; and it will remind you of things that you know; things you may not have thought of, or only ever dreamed of: or even things you may have thought of but were reluctant to attempt.

The toughest of the instruments are designed for use with the kind of difficult customer who deserves them. The most loving and caring apply to the generally congenial citizens of the planet who choose to be our happily paid-up customers and who should be treated as always with charm, love, and deep affection, even when they slip: and have a problem for a moment or two.

Warning: Should you find this fictional concoction, inspiring, take that ‘NEARLY’ in an earlier sentence seriously: most of this stuff, nearly always works.

You will have to exercise care.

Some of these 7Ways involve emotional shock.

Casual use may backfire on you.

They may even change your life.


 About the book: The Buffalo Hunters: A Brutal Allegoric Crime Story

3D Cover Nicholas BuffaloHunters

The Buffalo Hunters, just another night in paradise.

Those who love "Jozi" - or the "Big J" - as South Central Zone One is also often called, consider it to be the best place on earth with almost year-round sunshine, blue skies, the world's greatest cultivated forest, awesome casinos, and a shopaholic's paradise. They do not, however, forget about the shadows that lurk in the deepest recesses of revolutionary night.

Follow the cast of The Buffalo Hunters as the average Saturday Night in Zone One unfolds around The Battered Konektion, a beloved bar in a post-gentrified neighborhood where crime has become the new normal.

The Buffalo Hunters are a murderous gang of motorcar hijackers: modern hunters who trawl the urban savannahs of Zone One for luxury vehicles - Afrika's new "Buffaloes". They will stop at nothing to feed their insatiable greed and lust, but what will they do when they meet opposition; when they cross paths with good and misguided individuals?

Grab your copy of The Buffalo Hunters and be ready for a wild ride with heart-stopping moments fueled by the most primal human emotions.

Some found the story amusing, others have read it twice. Nonetheless: The Buffalo Hunters is a brutal piece of poetic metaphor and is not recommended for children or those of a squeamish disposition.


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