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About the author - Nicholas Jakari

When thinking about this work you are about to receive in return for a small payment, I understand now, more than then, that 7Ways and what follows: the four parts of the Azanian Quartet, is Jakari’s interpretation of the Paradise [that it seems was] Lost…. And his consequent discovery, that Paradise is always in the imagination, rather than simply where lunch meets supper… a place that, because of its value in the moment, is also paradise, albeit held: rather than whatever follows Lost.... Of course there is also the reality that almost everyone who bought the print edition, with whom I have had contact over the past decade, has praised the usefulness of the original book.

Jakari is a Shona [Zimbabwean] slang term for a person who treads a narrow line between opposing points of view. In ’79 the person now called Jakari direkted a pirate interpretation, of Wole Soyinka’s beautiful political satire: “Kongi’s Harvest”, in Harare, Zimbabwe in the run up to the endgame for the remnant old Kolonial regime: and the accession to unlimited power of the amazing Mr. Mugabe. 

It was a delicate time and so Jakari apparently emerged and somehow that was komunikated to the Direktor who then became Jakari now.

The years rolled by and the TeK world came to dominate all possibility in the present: and going forward; and so the name of Jakari came to be chosen again by the author: this time to deal with the needs of Cyberspace.

That newer Jakari had in the meantime been reborn, in damaged form, in Jozi during the year that place was liberated. Jozi being a giant megalopolis in that part of Afrika where he then lived: following a speedy exit from Harare earlier. In that year [1994] the person who became the official Jakari, was shot to pieces in a close quarter gunfight with an allegedly enthusiastically crazed kolektion of liberated persons: intent on fulfilling Sartre’s observation that “freedom is what you do with what was done to you.”

And being reborn Jakari continued his practice of kolekting a minimum of 100 words daily while for the most part simply getting on with Lennon’s “Life happening whilst making other plans”. 

Those ‘other plans’ involved Writing things down that he derived from screeds more stuff that he has routinely written down in dozens of little notebooks, for the many decades since 11th grade when this obsession with kolekting odd random thoughts began…. And kulminated with the konstruktion of the Azanian Quartet… a series of tales kovering the revolution in the land that is now known generally as Mzansi… and may in future be called something else.

Then on August 8th this year [2017] Jakari unexpectantly encountered an intruder in his garden at 10.30 on an icy winter’s morning… an intruder who had smashed his way through his home while he had been out for a short while, and who was leaving with some of his haul of the author’s goods, when the author unexpectedly and inconveniently arrived home… and blocked his exit route. The ensuing ‘stand-off ‘ ended with the intruder dropping his loot and running to the back of the property where, like some adrenaline driven ‘Spiderman’, he literally ran up a wall onto the author’s office roof; from which, after pausing for a second to touch fingers to an opposing wrist, in what the police said was a sign of respect: he leapt through a barbed wire barrier into a neighbour’s property and vanished from sight.

So Jakari once again had to wake up to the reality that our place here is not permanent, as a police officer discovered some weeks later, when that same intruder person [apparently] shot him dead during a botched arrest procedure, and was later in turn, shot dead by armed response officers: some thirty meters from the author’s front gate. Jakari also had to acknowledge that yet another chance of life had been taken at the flood.

“I survived that moment because of practices I had distilled into 7Ways; and realized in the relieved aftermath, that It was time to share the work with [you] the reader while I still had life. And in preparing it, after a ten-year layoff on the text, I realized that it was in reality the ‘Prelude to the Azanian Quartet’. 

“This latter title [Azanian Quartet] is a work on which I embarked when recovering from gunshot wounds in ’94.” He said to David from MyEbook, when he approached that agency to handle the launch of his battery of work. “Had I gone down in that moment, then all of this would have been lost.” He said.

Some of Nicholas Jakari’s battery of poetry, blogs, story lines plus the 84 episode podcast cyber serial, that is Part three of the Azanian Quartet; i.e. ‘The Jonker Memorandum’, are all viewable [or hearable] at his website: http//

The Jonker Memorandum in particular [pronounced Yonka] was written by, and produced, as a podcast serial; and read as a podcast by Nicholas Jakari … and is what he suggests to be the most complex ‘One Man Show’ ever produced on the world wide web… He felt it was necessary to read the world a bedtime story.” He said.


About the book - 7Ways to Get Your Money: Without resorting to violence or the law

3D Cover Nicholas Jakari


The intimate art of kolekting outstanding payments from elusive customers.

There are at least 7 effective ways to get the money someone owes you, without using the law, or breaking someone’s leg—and they nearly always work.

This ‘read anywhere’ eBook sets out the story of one person’s quest to discover how to get as many people as possible to pay what they owed for activity hired to be done.

His story is presented here; and it will remind you of things that you know; things you may not have thought of, or only ever dreamed of: or even things you may have thought of but were reluctant to attempt.

The toughest of the instruments are designed for use with the kind of difficult customer who deserves them. The most loving and caring apply to the generally congenial citizens of the planet who choose to be our happily paid-up customers and who should be treated as always with charm, love, and deep affection, even when they slip: and have a problem for a moment or two.

Warning: Should you find this fictional concoction, inspiring, take that ‘NEARLY’ in an earlier sentence seriously: most of this stuff, nearly always works.

You will have to exercise care.

Some of these 7Ways involve emotional shock.

Casual use may backfire on you.

They may even change your life.


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