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Author David King


About the author - Dr David King

DR. DAVID KING has pastored churches in Texas,Virginia and Oklahoma and has had extensive Christian radio management experience. He is a Biblical researcher, holding both a ThD and a PhD who has been an advising and adjunct professor at a seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has also toured the Holy Land and traveled in parts of Africa and China.

Dr. King works with pastors and churches of various denominations and non-denominational churches. He holds speaking, teaching, and preaching engagements, fundraises, and trains pastors and lay people in global hub-church planting and multiplication.

Currently, he is Vice President of Training for Harvesters Ministries – a global church-planting ministry based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, focusing on church planting, pastoral training and Bible distribution. David’s efforts are concentrated mostly in the United States and in central East Asia.

The work of Forgiveness Embraced is a study to which David has virtually devoted his life, simply because, as he says, there is no person on this planet – never has been, never will be – who has not had to deal with the issue of forgiveness in some way.

“Either we have needed to forgive or we have needed forgiveness, and most of us have been on both sides of this fence at one time or another. This is an issue that has touched every human being regardless of gender, race, economic status or religion … without exception!”

David is married to Dr. Carie S. Tucker King, a university professor of a major Texas university and a published author. They have five grown children and reside north of Dallas, Texas.


About the book - Forgiveness Embraced: How To Know If You Have Really Forgiven; What To Do If You Haven't

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It seems almost unfair that the sins of others could so deeply affect our lives; not only because of the hurt, betrayal or suffering they cause, but also because of the long lasting damage that unforgiveness and bitterness bring long after the perpetrators have forgotten what they did. Forgiveness defnes our identity as disciples of Jesus; it sets us free and transforms our lives. Dr. King addresses the subject with both the thoroughness of a scholar and the humanity that comes through experience.

Using the life of Joseph, King leads us through the process of healing and redemption that brings freedom and glory to God. Dr. King has a passion for ministry. He takes seriously the calling to be a ‘minister of reconciliation’ both between man and God, but also between broken people who have hurt one another. Dr. King shows from the life of Joseph that forgiveness is possible and can lead to the glory of God. A worthwhile read.


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