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Author Irene Kamara


About the author - Irene Kamara

Dr Irene Kamara, a Ugandan by birth, started her education in Uganda where she obtained the Bachelor of Science and Honours degrees in Chemistry at Makerere University in Kampala. She then moved to South Africa where she obtained her MSc and PhD in Chemistry at University of the Free State in Bloemfontein and working as a lecturer researcher in Chemistry at the same university thereafter. As a lecturer, she graduated a number of MSc postgraduates in Chemistry and published her research in peer-reviewed international scientific journals.

Dr Kamara then joined Sasol Technology Research and Development as a Fuel Scientist where she worked on fuel development projects for 5 years. Compelled by her passion for education, she returned to the education arena taking up a position as an Education Specialist as Sasol Inzalo Foundation. Amongst others, she focuses on identifying and establishing support that is so much needed by learners and students at different education levels to access, excel and succeed in their education goals, in STEM education.

Dr Kamara is a proud co-founder of Tlotlanang Primary and Secondary Schools in Thabanchu, South Africa, a project started by five parents in 1988 as an initiative to provide quality education for their children. To date, Tlotlanang is an English Medium School that graduates quality matriculants. All her four children who are among the pioneer learners in the school hold university degrees (2 engineers, an architect and a BCom. Marketing degree)


About the book - Corridors of Dreams and Hope: An African girl's life-long battle for freedom

3D Cover Irene Kamara

Bukirwa Irene Kamara is born in a family of seventeen siblings, into extreme poverty, on a farm in rural Uganda. The choices she makes, specifically getting an education against all odds, are fundamental to breaking the poverty cycle and strict cultural barriers. Her dream is nurtured by her unschooled parents, with peasant farmer’s earnings.

She becomes the first, and a female, in her family and community to graduate and get a job. She marries and they move to Southern Africa in pursuit of a better life. She encounters tormenting work permit and marriage struggles. With four children, and poverty looming, she returns to university at age 35 and completes her masters and doctoral degrees. Her twenty-year marriage ends and her husband returns home. She stays behind and under unsympathetic circumstances, she single-handedly, nurtures her four children to great success.


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