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About the author - Nicki Fenthum

A survivor is defined as someone who has a knack for pulling through adversity. That’s Nicki.

Having left the corporate world after 25 successful years in sales and marketing for global companies, she changed careers at the end of 2016 to pursue her passion to enable, support and encourage teenage girls and adult women as they strive to achieve their own personal version of success and greatness - whatever form that may take. In addition to being a certified individual and group neuro-leadership coach, fertility and breast cancer support counsellor, qualified group facilitator and public speaker, Nicki is also a published writer, MBA graduate and successful entrepreneur.

Nicki has taken her professional skills, study of clinical psychology and personal experiences as a ‘normal’ woman and survivor - of breast cancer; repeated and unsuccessful AI, IVF, and donor egg IVF; burnout/adrenal fatigue; marriage; divorce; step parenting; eating disorders and so much more - and created a company called Bourbon Rose.

Offerings include one-on-one coaching programmes, group or team coaching, workshop facilitation, support counselling for women struggling with infertility or breast cancer, as well as educational/inspirational blogs and speaking engagements at schools, companies or events.

Nicki’s services have received enthusiastic support from a wide range of women, including:

  • Young women at high school, university, or their first job, wondering how to prioritise and juggle their dreams of career, relationships, motherhood, travel, or anything else they may want.

  • Mothers of teenage girls, trying to guide and support their daughters through the complicated process of defining physical, emotional and psychological identities.

  • Women dealing with the scary and confusing world that is infertility or breast cancer treatment.

  • Women of all ages, stuck in jobs they don’t enjoy but lacking the energy or courage to make a change.


About the book - The Inconceivable Truth: A gutsy memoir about defining and surviving childless womanhood in the 21st century

3D Cover Nicki Fenthum

Nicki Fenthum is an accomplished 38-year-old professional who drives herself to burnout after 20 years of pushing to the limit in the corporate world. Booked off work to reclaim her health, Nicki takes until her 40th birthday to redefine her priorities, and is surprised to discover the strong desire for a child.

This realisation takes Nicki and her husband on an emotionally, physically, and financially draining three-year journey through unsuccessful surgical procedures, AI, IVF, and even donor egg implants – all skilfully marketed as the science of treating infertility. Over the years, endless research and painful personal experience reveal that this ‘science’ is largely misinformation, and trial and error. And sometimes unexplained luck dressed up as success.

Five miscarriages down and suffering from ongoing gynaecological complications, Nicki’s dream of being a mother ends with a hysterectomy. Nicki is forced to re-examine and re-define what it means to be a whole and successful woman in the 21st century, amid the social pressure, judgment, and grief of being childless.


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