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Author Mariette Kriel


About the author - Mariette Kriel

Mariette Kriel lives in sunny South Africa with her husband and three adult children, and is grandmother to a little elf. Boundless curiosity and a sense of adventure make travelling and exploring new places and cultures one of the joys of her life.  A self-proclaimed greenie and passionate supporter of animal shelters, she believes in kindness and the equality of all people in the eyes of God. Moved by the misconceptions that exist between black and white in South Africa, she wrote the Warrior Child series to promote a better understanding and appreciation between these two diverse cultural groups. The series is fiction based on historical events. Publishing at last is a dream come true.


About the books - The Warrior Child Series

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Book 1: Iwundlu, the Warrior Child: Bleeding Sky

Meet Iwundlu, secret son of the warrior king, Shaka, and an Ngwane princess, who grew up believing he was the son of Mthunzi, the Shadow - a formidable fighter of the warrior tribe - and an ordinary woman. Torn from the life he knows and loves and uncertain about his identity, Iwundlu is taken to the mountains where Lungile, an old friend of the Shadow, will look after him. During the arduous journey they brave fearful encounters together, which not only reveal the Shadow’s incredible strength and courage, but also his human side. Looking back on his life Iwundlu realizes that the journey was not only a path to a new world, but it was also a starting point for finding his way back to the warrior tribe.

Will Iwundlu, the Little Lion, move past the secrets, doubts and revelations in order to fulfil his destiny of becoming the greatest warrior since Shaka?

Book 2: Mountain of the Spirit Crow

The Shadow leaves the frightened Iwundlu on the mountain before returning to the Kingdom of Sun. Isolated and lonely, the boy finds it hard to adjust to his new world and dreams of the life he left behind. When he finally accepts Lungile as friend the mountain becomes his home. Life on the mountain has its own rhythm with much to learn and explore. The old man’s stories take Iwundlu to the fascinating world of the pale tribes with their cultures, wars and foreign God. When chiefs and scouts of the warrior tribe visit the mountain, Iwundlu identifies strongly with the warriors who in turn recognize the rare qualities of the brave young boy. Iwundlu discovers the mountain is a dangerous place and almost loses his life. The young boy has much to learn about the ethics and discipline of the warrior tribe. Seasons pass with no sign of the Shadow, but Iwundlu refuses to believe the great warrior is dead.

What will happen to Iwundlu if the Shadow does not return to the mountain? Will he stay with Lungile, return to his childhood home or join the mighty warrior tribe?

Book 3: Iwundlu: The Warrior

Chief Bheka’s order is clear: ”Stop the Ngwane!”. In the third book of the Warrior Child series, Iwundlu follows the Shadow to join the military establishment of the famous warrior chief, Bheka. The Shadow settles down among his friends, while much is expected of Iwundlu who is the youngest scout in the military kraal. Do the chiefs know he is the son of Shaka? After a devastating loss he joins the elite scouts of the king. The warriors that scout with him become his closest friends, sharing as they do, many adventures and hardships, but also suffer painful losses. As Iwundlu comes of age he witnesses the Ngwane king rising in power, expanding his forces and turning towards the warrior kingdom. He knows he might meet his childhood friends in battle very soon. Iwundlu finally establishes himself as the best warrior of his tribe and is chosen to lead the army back to the Kingdom of Sun.

Will he live up to his father’s name?


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