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Author Casper Cheta


About the author - Casper Cheta

Casper W. Cheta is a Christian humanitarian, sociologist, seminar speaker and budding author who has a keen interest in a variety of subjects which include but are not limited to: relationships, marriage, child-raising, youth empowerment, family, Christianity and pertinent world issues. In this series, the first to be published among his works, he shares profound insights on Bible-based principles and offers a well-rounded approach that men as heads of homes should adopt to achieve a profitable and lasting experience of matrimony.

Aside from that, he has a compelling passion to preach the gospel of love, of serving, of peace, of hope and of goodwill towards humanity, all of which shine brightly through the pages of this book. In other circles Casper also writes as ‘The Caretaker,’ a moniker which does not only define his public persona but distinctly speaks to that unwavering commitment to virtue and an overarching aspiration to promote efforts geared towards the greater good.

While his philosophy of life is deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, he is also driven by the firm belief that humanity ought to consistently advance its thinking beyond the margins of tradition and religion as well as what he calls “common thought.” This, in his opinion, is incidental to mankind’s pursuit of sustainable solutions to some of the old-aged quandaries of society and the quest to find answers to some of life’s most compelling questions. He is a strong advocate of the exercise of independent thought and this element resonates throughout Casper’s writings as embodied in this quote from the book Necessary Change: “For it is when we dare open the “sacred” doors and look inquiringly into those ancient, dusty closets and drawers of tradition and religion that we will find the origin of the stenches that often permeate the spheres of our lives.”

Cheta hopes by his writings to induce a positive and indelible imprint not only upon the hearts of those who read his works, but on human consciousness as a whole.


About the book - Necessary Change (Wedlock's Potion Series Book 1)

 3D Cover Casper Cheta

The story of marriage takes more than an extraordinary twist as Casper Cheta daringly interrogates and curiously re-focuses the spotlight in marriage discourse upon an unlikely suspect: our very own socio-cultural upbringings. Not only does he boldly posit that tradition is the wellspring of men’s challenges in marriage but argues that conceivably, it presents the greatest internal threat thereof.

He poses the questions: Why is it that when it concerns marriage, we generally seem to think that every man was born a leader? Does being head of the house or merely being a man come naturally with the capacity or rather the leadership qualities as well as the necessary skills to lead in the home? Casper contends that, this damaging assumption – embodied in the idea that men are leaders by nature – probably accounts for the greater part of humanity’s failures in matrimony. But how so, one may ask? Well, as things stand, society hardly prepares men for leadership in wedlock and in a way, it consistently sets up married couples for its common difficulties. To think of it, the greatest of our struggles in marriage perhaps, more than anything, are only those that relate to leadership failure after all – as discharged by the heads.

Casper speaks passionately to that side of the story of matrimony that has hitherto been left untold or must we say, that has largely remained “untouched” while he at the same time rekindles the prospect of a refreshingly distinct possibility for positive change. What he offers is this revolutionary perspective which is set to radically alter the way that we have traditionally perceived and understood the marriage question, his aim being: to better inform men’s design of strategy for the demands and unique realities that every marriage brings.

For certain, the dynamics as well as the difficulties of marriage have rarely been explained in more compelling, revealing, let alone, unsparingly candid a way as witnessed in Necessary Change.


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