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About the author - Nick Hedges

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My name is Nick Hedges. Born in South Africa, I currently living in Taiwan, where I write ambitious fiction whilst juggling working and familial responsibilities. I have a smorgasbord of interests, the extent of which is born through the material I write. If anything, psychology and philosophy are pivots around which I craft my narratives, and I’m especially drawn to flawed characters who exhibit deep humanity in spite of the compromising situations they find themselves in.

I consider what I write to be marginal rather than mainstream, and write out of love rather than for materialist ambitions. If you’re keen on delving into worlds that surf immortal themes such as identity, purpose, consciousness and beauty, I guarantee that you’ll resonate with my writing.


About the Book - The New Mainstream

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Crime, Passion, Revenge & A Search for Truth

A potent new drug has infiltrated the streets of Pacquiao, turning the majority of the population into boneheads. Of course, that is good news for those who want to control their world with the help of nanotechnology...

Motivated by the notion of breaking away from dealing Swak part time, journalist Justin Jones' life is turned upside down when he stumbles into something so much bigger than just a feature on a has-been rockstar in a prominent magazine.

The New Mainstream is a gripping mystery which becomes Justin's life when he first develops a relationship with Swak and then with an ex-paratrooper, an aging rockstar, and a gorgeous pornstar with a heart of gold. Left perplexed by the unusual turn of events that surround his social close circle, Justin sets off on a treacherous search for the truth that will lead him down beautiful paths as well as blind alleys.

What is real, and what isn't? Will Justin make his breakthrough? Will he find out what happened to Debbie? Why is Salta so mysterious? And why is Leslie so interested in Sextus' life?

Skilfully weaving together actual events and illusions, the author ensures that you will keep turning the pages until you reach the unanticipated end. His eloquent, yet easy-to-read writing style will grip you from page one, caught up in the protagonist's physical and emotional battles of will.

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