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Author Van Aardt du Preez


About the author - Van Aardt du Preez

 Van Aardt du Preez is an International Association of Color Consultants/Designers(IACC) trained Colour consultant, in San Diego California. He has a Masters and Doctor degree in Urban Housing.

He attended colour courses by the Scandinavian Color School in Leksand, and the Natural Color Selection Course in Stockholm Sweden.

He is a South African Paint Manufacturers Association (SAPMA) qualified paint technologist.


About the book - The Anatomy Of Decorative Colour : Understanding The Use Of Colour


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There is much more to COLOUR, than a colour sample, beautiful colour palettes, exterior advice from decorators, architects and magazines. They approach colour as having only a decorative function, or they assume that TRENDS and colour forecast are justification for creating a satisfying environment.

Colour is a science, and it is rather complicated, with not only positive and negative influences but can also affect your health.

This is a book about the principles of colour, and to introduce an understanding of colour, what it is, and how to go about to use it as a unique human being.

This book is NOT a “how to do it” manual. It does not tell or influence you the best way what colour to choose for specific spaces. Its aim is to guide you and to educate you in the basics of colour theory, and thereby develop your trust in your own colour knowledge and feelings, and eventual colour choices.

This book’s aim is to guide and bridge the distance between colour and colour use.

We live in a world of increasing sensitivity to colour. But what meanings are conveyed by the colours that surround us in everyday life? If we could grasp their meanings and experience their influence, perhaps we would be able to use them more effectively.

Colour is a personal experience, no two people in the world can have the same colour experience that can be described in the same words. When you depend on others, you get what others can give.


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