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Author Terry Mackintosh


About the author - Terry Mackintosh

Terry was born in South Africa but spent much of her adult life in Uganda and Zambia,  ultimately settling in the Western Cape where she is now retired. Although a Bachelor of Science graduate,  writing has always been her passion and as such, she has been writing and publishing articles since her early teens. After winning a number of national essay competitions in South Africa while still at school, she then published extensively in various scientific journals during her career as an industrial fermentologist. After  branching out into her own business, she freelanced as a health and fitness writer publishing in numerous magazines such as Runners World, Men's Health, Longevity and Discovery. She also founded and,  for several years, was editor of a South African fitness and health magazine called New Life – the official in-house publication of the Run/Walk For Life organization.

Coming out of hiding is her first work of fiction.

When not writing, Terry runs. An avid road runner, she has participated in virtually every marathon and ultra-marathon in South Africa, including the mighty Comrades Marathon. She believes that running and writing are the pursuits that define her and keep her sane and whole.

About the book - Coming out of hiding

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Coming out of hiding is a thought-provoking and complex love story with a psychological twist. The central character is twenty eight year old, Jenna Scott who although outwardly successful and confident, hides a shameful secret. She suffers from the debilitating eating disorder bulimia nervosa and as a result, has become a virtual recluse. She is on a path to self-destruction and in spite of her highly successful career, is on a downward spiral to nowhere. After a particularly traumatic experience, she is forced to confront the issues related to her self-destructive personality and her overwhelming desire to be thin at all costs. It is during this journey of self discovery  that she encounters two very different men – one that has the potential to repair her damaged self-esteem and the other whose violent passion and untamed wildness could  push her to the very edge of  sanity and reason. The choices she subsequently makes will have far-reaching consequences that  will impact on everyone and everything that matters to her.

Although this is a work of fiction, the story also provides insight and understanding into the causes and dangers involved with these alarmingly prevalent and secretive diseases.  In addition, the theme of ‘never giving up hope’ is one that will provide both inspiration and a strong sense of identification among readers. The book will particularly appeal to young women as well as to anyone who enjoys a really good love story that ticks all the boxes.


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