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About the Author - Linda Ande Yende

Linda Ande Yende is often mistaken for a much younger person and sometimes, even mistaken for a female. Not only because of his unisex name (Linda is a male name in Zulu) or has a youthful appearance (which he doesn't really), but because he has a keen understanding of the female species and also because of his easy going and often humorous approach to life. He is a father, a lover, a brother, a friend and an agony uncle to many who have fondly dubbed him " Uncle L". Although his advice is very serious and on point, he gives it with an energy and a passion unlike any other and will often, in a tongue in cheek manner, make you laugh at how absurd you are for not having realized the error of your ways.



About the Book


Wake Up Woman!

This book is nothing more than my take on situations. It is nothing more than my brotherly advice to you. I am merely sharing my wisdom, such as it is. There are things in this book that you will not want to hear. There are things that may open wounds for you, in your heart. And there are things that will force you to come face to face with some realities that you have been trying to suppress. There will certainly be things that you strongly disagree with. The point is; this book is trying to shake you up and make you realise some things about you, that everyone around you can see, that only YOU refuse to see.

You have all been there. We have all been long-suffering friends to somebody in an awful relationship, an abusive situation or a self-destructive cycle. And somehow, THEY refuse to see this. You wish you could grab them by the shoulders and scream..........

"Wakeup! Woman!"


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