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About the author - Clyde Wolpe

Clyde Wolpe is a former South African chess champion and a Fide Instructor. He is also a lifecoach certified to use NLP techniques.

About the book - The Beginner's Chess Companion: The ideal book for anyone wanting to learn to play chess

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The Beginner’s Chess Companion © provides pupils and teachers with a structure towards chess competence.

The emphasis is on the chess thought process, enabling the reader to zone in to an explanation of any chess concept.

The glossary of terms links to the text, showing the page number on which the concept first appears.

The art of checkmate section demonstrates the thought process required to checkmate the lone king in all of the basic endgames.

Chess is the most popular board game in the world. It is also regarded as an extremely powerful educational tool. Chess helps to develop minds by improving cognitive ability, visualisation, analytical aptitude, focus, memory skills, pattern recognition and intuition. Furthermore chess inspires creativity and builds self-esteem; it also teaches about value and how to transact.

Chess is the great leveller; the universal language that breaks down cultural barriers. Chess teaches us not to be materialistic, and the concept of sacrifice; how to make decisions under pressure and yet to also be patient and driven towards our goals.

Chess prepares us for life!

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