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About the author - Patrick Ntsime

This book was inspired by my visit to Bolivia in the year 2000. After learning about the people, their culture and most importantly, the LLAMA, my life changed forever. I then embarked on a historical literary JOURNEY that should inspire you and others, interested in this animal. Llama’s WORTH is by far the most important as compared to most known animals, alive or dead.

About Llama Life Solutions

The Llama VALUE PROPOSITION dynamic model expressed in this historical fiction was conceptualized by Patrick Ntsime after undertaking a study tour to South America in 2000. The tour to Bolivia, Chile and Nicaragua was sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The main purpose was to learn about water sector reforms and public participation experiences, with particular focus on the community of El Alto (Bolivia).

The trip opened my eyes and ears, in terms of the energy, extraordinary way of life and humility of ordinary people. Bolivia for example, is a country of contrasts and extremes, with a kaleidoscope of colourful culture, the most delightful peoples in the world, with one of the lowest income per capita. Like a hologram, their ubiquitous, pale faces and dark eyes heightens their generosity and humility. A unique feature often missing in the present day modern societies.

Bolivians are materially poor but culturally and traditionally rich peoples of the altiplano, with the deepest sense and history of culture, triumphs, conquests and glories. The above life experiences compliments my 30 year career and exposure in diverse sectors, where I gained knowledge and skills, in the retail/sales, youth, mental health, academia, water services, small scale mining, agribusiness, local government and development finance.

About the book - Confessions of a Llama: A Historical Bolivian Adventure

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Confessions of a Llama follows the adventures of Samotima Silver, whose story started as that of an Edo-speaking, Trans-Atlantic slave, raised in the Kotonou Empire, West Africa. He was sold to the richest Spanish merchant bidder to work in the 16th century silver mines of Potosi, Alto Peru.

In this enthralling account, the author - Patrick Ntsime - takes readers on an literary journey around South America as Mr. Silver and his descendant, Mr. Motara, South Africa’s first diplomat to Bolivia.

Mo Motara faces many trials and tribulations as a diplomat on the precipice of post-apartheid South Africa, including two extended stays in mental asylums, and meeting the love of his life. Together, they set off on an exciting adventure, filled with romance, secrets, and excitement.

The author draws fascinating parallels between the slave trade and liberation of both countries in this fictional autobiography, and the tales of the protagonists, which makes it the perfect read for lovers of history and romance.

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