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Who the Hell wants to be in Platinum?

Who the hell wants to be in Platinum?’ tells the story of Impala Platinum from its earliest days in the mid-1960s, as a new subsidiary of Union Corporation, right through to the established world-class business it is today. The unequivocal reply to that question in the 1960s was that ‘Impala wants to be in platinum’ and as the expanded Implats Group that positive response is undoubtedly even more appropriate nowadays. Platinum and platinum group metals (PGM’s) are indispensable to our modern society and to mine, process and refine them efficiently and safely requires enormous amounts of time, energy, intellect, financial and human resources and often that good old-fashioned virtue – the determination to succeed.

The Implats team produces excellent results on a daily basis and our book tells their story; the story of ‘our’ Impala, from those early days of the mid-1960’ s right through to the present day. The Impala story very much parallels the wider transition of South African society, from turmoil and inequality to embracing transformation as a key priority. The independent author presents an extremely readable, transparent and interesting narrative.




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