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Author Sydney Majoko


About the author - Sydney Majoko

Sydney Majoko is a writer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Webs We Weave is his debut book. A self-taught writer who takes a keen interest on current affairs around Africa and beyond, he contributes as a freelancer to The Citizen and Engineering News on a weekly and monthly basis respectively.

He takes a keen interest in literary developments of both fiction and non-fiction works around South Africa. He has written extensively on a wide variety of subjects including clinical depression in which he takes a special interest. His early works are available on his website He lives in Boksburg, South Africa, with his family.

About the book - The Webs We Weave: Three scintillating stories about love, friendship and betrayal


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 The Webs We Weave...

Kabelo and three friends undertake a road trip from university to his hometown, Mafikeng. One of them dies tragically after a hectic night out. Kabelo, Nick and Daniella are left traumatized and feel they're part of a conspiracy to conceal the real events that led to Ruby's death. They're forced to live with this guilt for years until a jailed gangster provides a groundbreaking clue that leads to all three of them breaking their silence about that tragic night in Mafikeng.

My Friend Oga is a young legal eagle, wise beyond words. He's drawn into his friend's complicated web to help him untangle himself following his failure to heed Oga's advice.

In Man Of God Vusi has always lived his life in the fast lane...indulging in the proverbial sins: women, booze and drugs. When he decides to settle down, his past catches up with him. A wronged Man Of God seeks revenge.


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