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Author Ashleigh OShea


About the author - Ashleigh O'Shea

Ashleigh Sandra O’Shea (born 4 July 2000) is a South African writer of fantasy novels for young adults. Her debut book, The Legends of Gordo: The Leprechaun Camp, won the Gcina Mhlope Prize for Children’s Literature at the 2016 South African Independent Publishers Awards. The book, originally written for her ailing grandmother Ann, was completed just two weeks before Ann died. Ann never got to see it.

An avid lover of fantasy, O’Shea has been greatly influenced by the writings of J.K. Rowling. The needs of the less fortunate have always been a priority and O’Shea has served several charities, embracing her serious side. She has edited several books for authors and written scripts as well as her own Legends of Gordo trilogy, the third of which she is currently writing.

She directed her fist play Lucky, an anti- drug campaign in 2011, worked as a stage manager and received a certificate in Video and Film Editing from the North West University in 2016. Future plans include stage and movie directing. Always preferring to be part of the production process to frontline


About the book - The Legends of Gordo: The Leprechaun Camp


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After being forced to move from their lives in New York to the quiet town of Forks, the Carson children are summoned to their attic by strange noises and eerie whispering. They are swept away to a magical world known as Gordo and find that the only way back is to find the ruler, a young princess, and her guardian, a White Wizard with powerful magic. But the quest will not be easy. The young ruler and wizard have been captured by a Black Magus who is intent on destroying the siblings and conquering the kingdom. They find refuge with a rebellion of warriors in a strange leprechaun camp, hidden far away from the danger on the outside. The siblings find themselves in an unlikely comradeship between the rebels and the mystical beings and join the fight to free the princess and her wizard. But betrayal from an unlikely source could mean they may never get home.

Mix together a healthy dose of comedy, a dollop of intrigue, a handful of mystery, dragons and swordfights, season with romance...and serve.

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