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About the author - Mbali Gcabashe

 A daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. Mbali is a perpetual student of life, who believes in sharing life's lessons with those who are open to dialogue. A optimist at heart, a believer in humanity, a champion of the underdogs and a lover of Blackness! Mbali believes in marketing and engaging in things conscious, Pan African and humane. An inquisitive person, willing to contribute towards finding solutions.


About the books


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Intimate Thoughts Of A Clever Black

The book blows the top off the false "Rainbow Nation", and aimed to start a real and frank dialogue on the Black and White dynamics affecting South Africa and the world in general. The book gives men a chance to reflect on their patriarchal ways

Anyone who's ready for a real personal reflection needs to buy this book!

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Unscripted Relationships: Clever dummies pocket guide to a happier and thriving relationships

My husband and I are often asked after a full decade of marriage, how we still look so happy. We are also questioned as to whether we are really happy or are just pretending we are for show. The truth is that when it comes to our relationship, no one else matters. We don’t wake up planning to show anyone how happy we are. When we display happiness and people happen to witness it, it is purely by chance.

As part of our 10th wedding anniversary we have created this pocket guide for those who are interested in strengthening the bond with your partner. A short read, borne of love. Our honest wish is that the helpful text within this guide brings fresh inspiration to you and aids in cementing your love and understanding for your significant other.


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