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Author Andrew Walubo


About the author - Andrew Walubo

Andrew wrote the manuscript soon after high school but could not publish it until 17 years later after completion of his medical career. He studied at Makerere University in Uganda where he obtained his M.B.Ch.B degree, the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the Masters in Pharmacology (M.Phil.), the University of Cape Town for the Doctor in Medicine (M.D.) in Clinical Pharmacology and at the University if the Free State for the Masters of Business administration (MBA).

He undertook his postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, USA. Despite this fiction book, Andrew is a specialised Clinical Pharmacologist where he has attained world acclaim: he has published widely and serves on many international professional bodies. He is the Chief Clinical Pharmacologist at Universitas Academic Hospital, a full professor of Pharmacology, and Head, Department of Pharmacology, University of the Free State since 1999.

He said, “My motivation, the need to educate.”

About the book - Mpango and The Worst Headmaster Who Ever Lived

 3D Cover Image Andrew Walubo

Aggrey K. Mpango had lived as a humble and disciplined student, innocent of any malicious act or reprimand to mankind until circumstances ejected him out of this peaceful slumber and compelled him to lead a students’ rebellion against his headmaster, but things get more complex when he anchors in a pool of corrupt education officers. The police and army got involved, blackmail ensued and death was inevitable.

This book illustrates the students’ aspect of a strike and how administrators handle such circumstances by taking you behind the scenes of a school’s administration, thereby exposing a wealth of manipulations you may never have known about. It emphasizes that whereas the striking students may never intend to become violent, administrators are often responsible for inciting violence.

To the student, it displays the intricacies of leading a disciplined and dignified strike without raising expectations too high, while, at the same time, it emphasizes that such a move should almost never be considered.

To anybody involved in student administration and education, this would realign your attitude towards striking students, and particularly, urge you not to be overtaken by emotions and forget that you are accountable not only to your employer (government) but also to the students.

To the others, particularly the parents, this is the time to understand how much you have been misinformed concerning everybody.

Although not containing everything one may wish to know, this book is more educational than fiction. There is so much to learn amid the humor that everyone would need his or her own copy.

Recommended for students as well as those involved with students.

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