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Fanie Briel is a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and LEADERSHIP STRATEGIST, and as an author and public speaker, he's also the Founder and CEO of Fanie Briel International, which is dedicated to elevating people in their personal and professional lives. He is also the President and Founder of a very successful and growing Church in Pretoria, South Africa (

He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to the 'people industry' and served in various Leadership roles from a young age. He Motivates and equip audiences from all walks of life to create and achieve their highest ideals while focusing the majority of his teachings on CREATIVE LIVING. As a dedicated learner he is also a Certified Life Coach, with an honors degree in Theology, a Masters degree in Leadership as well as a Doctorate.He has had periodic appearances on Television programs like TBN and Top TV, South Africa.


About the Book

Motivational Leadership

Motivational Leadership is an 'on hands' manual for practical use in the work place. In this work you will learn: That leader and employee relations are at an all time low and how to combat it; Case studies of companies who win with their employees and why; Why domineering leadership won't work in today's market; Why customers stop to do business and why employees leave companies; The big FIVE of relating to people, and more. This book is the culmination of an in-depth study of the factors that set leaders and companies apart from the rest that inspires true motivation in their work force.

Whether it's a big corporation, a small business or even in a Church environment, people are basically the same in their core needs and values. This book will help anyone in a leadership and management position to truly understand how to win with people in those areas. Most employees perform only at fifty percent of their true potential, and many of the reasons for this can be traced back to the ignorance of leaders in effectively relating to their work force. If you are passionate about your business or position as a leader and you want to have the best ROE, Return On Energy from your people, your answer lies within the pages of this book.





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