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Amazon Pulls eBook from Shelves Due To Too Many Hyphens

Amazon Pulls eBook from Shelves Due To Too Many Hyphens

I had to share this hilarious story concerning self-published author Graeme Reynolds and his battle with Amazon after they removed his eBook titled "High Moor 2: Moonstruck"  from their virtual shelves. In correspondence that was emailed through to the poor author with the subject title: Kindle Quality Notice, it emerges that due to a complaint received from a customer regarding the excessive use of hyphenated words (yes you read that correctly) the eBook was an eye-sore (hyphen intended) and was subsequently removed from sale. 

This does seem to be a slight over-reaction by the world-leading, eBook-selling giant (I wonder if these hyphens are an eye-sore yet?) The great news is that after a short while Amazon did return to it's senses and published the eBook back into the store-front. (Hyphens and all) It shows that Amazon does make mistakes and a word of caution to self-published authors publishing into the Amazon store to keep an eye out for an email from the dreaded "quality department"...

Read more on Graeme Reynolds explict-laden blog post here.



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