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Amazon Now Allows HTML in Book Description

Amazon Now Allows HTML in Book Description


Looking to spruce up your book sales page on Amazon, making it stand out from other authors? Here is a simple tip that many authors publishing books through Amazon might not know. We all know that to help our books sell well we need to have eye-catching cover art and a well-written book blurb, enticing customers to read on.

Amazon now allows the adding of basic HTML script to your book's description paragraph in the KDP backend. For those who hear the word HTML and are wondering what that is, using HTML allows you to style your book description almost as if it was being typed in Microsoft Word itself.

Using HTML code will allow you to create headings like this;


It will allow you to write your book description with bold or italicized text, text that is underlined or even add lists like this;

  • Reason to buy my book 1

  • Reason to buy my book 2

  • Reason to buy my book 3


This means that by adding some simple HTML code to your book description you can create some compelling sales text. This will help your book stand out from the vast majority of the competition.

If you are wondering how to best preview or understand what your book description will look like after adding in some HTML code I found that using your Amazon Author Central account and editing and previewing the book description text gave me an accurate idea of what to expect without having to actually publishing the changes in the Amazon KDP backend.

Here is the full list of HTML code Amazon allows the author to add to their book description.


Here is an example of a book description that has been enhanced using a few simple HTML commands.


HTML book blurbs


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