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Advantages of an ebook over Print.

Unsure of whether or not you should convert your Book into an eReader friendly format?
Perhaps you are worried about the cost of conversion, or are unsure of the first step you should take?

eBook conversion is an extremely cheap process when you consider how much money can be made from making your best-seller available to the world.

Here are the top (slightly technical) reasons why you should be looking at publishing an eBook.



eBooks take up no physical space as they are all electronically stored on your eReader device.
Your entire library can be stored on the device and taking with you whenever you leave the house!

Night/ Day Reading

The back-lit screens of the eReader devices are easily read at night and the screens are also capable of being read in direct sunlight. 


As all printing and courier cost are removed from the equation the books generally cost a fraction of their printed counter-parts.

This price decrease as well as the instant delivery and access to the world-wide audience means that eBooks normally outsell printed books sold via "Brick and Mortar" type stores, earning you a greater profit. 

Font Adjustments

Cant read the font on the screen? No problem, the font on eReader devices can be dynamically increased or decreased on demand! 


The Amazon Kindle Fire will read any book stored on the device to the user, only certain devices support this feature. 


The eBook will will look great on any device, automatically shaping itself to fit the available screen size.

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