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Amazon Kindle Scout - Helping new authors or continuing to exclude them?

Amazon Kindle Scout - Helping new authors or continuing to exclude them?


Let’s have a quick look at a recent addition to the author’s arsenal, Amazon’s Kindle Scout. Aimed at giving self-publishing authors access to the power of crowd-sourcing reader support. It seems to be a great tool for the new author, well, as long as you don’t live in Africa. 

The down-low

Kindle Scout is a platform that gives the self-published author a chance to have their eBook published by Amazon. As you could guess, being published by Amazon has its pros and cons.

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SAIR Book Festival - Johannesburg 2016

SAIR Book Festival - Johannesburg 2016


I was lucky enough to attend the SAIR book festival last year held in Johannesburg. It was a cosy event that was attended by a several well-known South African authors. I remember having a great chat with Rachel Morgan an author who has numerous best-selling titles published on the Amazon shelves. I shared a tasty cup of coffee with Erika Bester one of the masterminds behind FireQuill Publishing who herself has a growing collection of books rising in prominence on Amazon.

Mixing with other talent in the book industry has a lasting effect on those looking to explore their potential with the paper and pen. Rubbing shoulders with existing and unassuming artistic talent that find themselves exactly where you have seen yourself in those reoccurring daydreams. These book events are also a great chance to wear your networking hat, bumping into other industry experts who might know the right person you need to connect with to progress to the next step of your journey. Oh, have I mentioned the value you get from the speakers at these events?

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Subtle Secrets of Book Discoverability – Helping readers find your book on Amazon

Subtle Secrets of Book Discoverability – Helping readers find your book on Amazon


These quick tips will help authors reach more readers on Amazon and cost nothing more than a small investment of time.

Every author would appreciate a helping hand with the marketing of his/her book. The task of reaching new readers and having them read your latest release seems intimidating, right? Companies like Author Solutions make a bucket-load selling over-priced marketing services that tend to under-deliver. (Just read the comments in my post linked above for proof of many unhappy Author Solutions clients.)

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