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Franschhoek Literary Festival - 13,14,15 May 2016

Franschhoek Literary Festival - 13,14,15 May 2016


Franschhoek Literary Festival

Just then name Franschhoek rolling off your tongue results in the urge to lift your coffee mug, pinky-out before sipping. This book festival, first started in 2007 is one of South Africa’s must-attend book events.

Apologies for the late notice, the event will be taking place within the month in the Western Cape. Binnelanders like me will not need much urging to visit the event after viewing the line up of authors who will be in attendance.I have cherry-picked a few of the sessions that caught my eye, I hope to bump into you there!

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Our take on the Creative Penn Podcast Episode #262: Writing faster and avoiding writer’s block

Our take on the Creative Penn Podcast Episode #262: Writing faster and avoiding writer’s block


Writers are supposed to write. Right? Most usually do and then there are some like me who tend to get the so-called writer’s block where excuses arise as to why one can’t write. Sound familiar? To me it does. Especially the one, “I am too busy” or “I have work to do.” Hmm, yeah right!

So when, being new to podcasts (not to writing or publishing), I saw the podcast dated 4 April 2016 in The Creative Penn iTunes store entitled How to Write Faster and Never get Writer’s Block with Michaelbrent Collings it sparked my curiosity. I immediately thought there must be some fantastic secret to writing that is going to make us all the next Terry Pratchett or Wilbur Smith or Danielle Steele that I just had to know. We all love a quick fix or a way to make money! I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and will definitely be listening to more. But before I get to Joanna Penn of The Creative’s interview with Michaelbrent, she mentions a couple of other interesting and useful titbits. 

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An author book launch - My experience at Skoobs

An author book launch - My experience at Skoobs


At Skoobs bookstore, Montecasino, in the heart of Fourways Johannesburg, I find myself attending the book launch of my friend (and now published author) Sonia Killik. Whilst browsing the weighted-shelves at this book-lovers Utopia I recognise several self-published titles. Seeing these books (cover-out, not spine-out nogal) on the shelves and in front of what must be hundreds of readers each day makes me feel warm and tingly.

These authors, are self-published. They have chosen a different route to publish. A lonelier route. Yet, here they are, alongside fellow authors, indistinguishable from their traditionally-published counterparts. F*ck Yeah. (For you Sonia.)

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