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Jozi Book Fair 2016 @ Wits

Jozi Book Fair 2016 @ Wits


Hey all, a quick mention of the upcoming Jozi Book Fair due for early (1-4th) September 2016.

I attended the previous two events and thoroughly enjoyed them both. There are a wide range of events of the book fair from book launches, workshops, poetry readings, round-table discussions and then film and theatre exhibitions. For those worried mommies there are also special events arranged just for the kiddies.

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Need Help Writing Your Book? Here are 5 Simple Hacks to Help

Need Help Writing Your Book? Here are 5 Simple Hacks to Help


Writing your book can be a long and laborious process. Whittling away at the pages requires patience from the author as they soldier on aiming to reach their daily word-count. Sometimes life happens and the author is distracted by a crisis that forces them to put writing aside for a period. This post is written especially for the author who needs to destroy writers block. Hope it helps.


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The top 5 mistakes South African authors make when self-publishing a book

The top 5 mistakes South African authors make when self-publishing a book


This article will take a good look at the top 5 mistakes made by South African authors who self-publish their book.  Far too few South African authors find their writing being celebrated. Professing your passion for the pen almost feels like a whispered admission of unemployment. Not something you would want to own up to around your friend’s braai. Let’s take an honest look at why your writing might not be garnering the critical acclaim you know it deserves.

Mistake #1 - Poor covers

Too many authors make the mistake of placing their face on the front cover. This might work if you only ever intended to sell to your friends and family. If you plan to reach outside South Africa’s porous borders (which every author should be), then placing your face on the front cover will deter the reader who does not relate to your mug.

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