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So What can an eReader do - Amazon's Kindle Fire

So I thought I would answer the question today of what you can and can't do on Amazon's new Kindle Fire.I received mine as a gift have since had the pleasure of reading a few eBooks from device.The device itself is no more than a few millimeters thick as weighs about as much as a large novel and has a matte black finish that feels very smooth to the touch. 

The only actual button the user can press is the on/off button found on top of the device the remainder of the interaction is handled through the touch screen interface commonly found on the smartphones most people use nowadays.The standard version of the Kindle Fire interfaces to the outside world through two different methods, either a Wifi link or a physical USB cable. 

To unlock the full potential of the device you will need a fairly good internet connection which is available over Wifi for your device to connect to, as you will be forced to sign up to the Amazon Cloud when the device is first powered on.Once you have joined Amazon you will have access to an amazing software application store allowing you to find  programs like Alarm clocks, calendars, and games. Many of the applications will need to be purchased which is a process resembling most online purchases handled today whilst there are a range of applications that will be available free of charge! 

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The Cost of Self-Publishing Online

The Cost of Self-Publishing Online

I was asked recently by an aspiring South African author about the costs involved in converting his book to  eBook friendly formats and publishing online. Depending on the software used and the time you are willing to spend in the process, the answer can be, very little. 

The first decision affecting cost for an author to make is what eBook format will you want the eBook to be in?

This is largely a marketing decision and will depend on whether or not you want your eBook published through Amazon who will only accept the MOBI format.

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Interview with Bob Young, Founder of

Hi all, so I was surfing the internet space and came across a great interview given by technology entrepreneur Bob Young who is famous for his open-source company Red Hat Inc.

Bob discusses his views on the online publishing house more than 10 years after it's creation as well as his latest online venture selling point has always been that it is the only online portal that truly has the self-published author's interests at heart, have you used before and find his comments accurate? 

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